Soap and Water

Hooray! A new rosebud! I love these things. :)

Title: Warfare Obsession
Summary: Buffy's got a new hobby, but to Angel, it's just an unhealthy, weird, obsession.
Timeline: After the end of both shows, definitely, except none of the characters died. (I love Anya, and that just broke my heart.) Buffy and Angel are happily living together, 'married' and retired. 
Prompt: Soap and Water. "You can be the Water to my Soap."
Word Count: 886
AN: I initially intended to head in a completely different direction with this prompt, but alas, Modern Warfare 3 came out on the 8th, and that's all I've known since then. 

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This is my first story for rosebuds! It's a little longer than five-hundred words, but the idea came from one of their prompts. I feel it could have been a bit lengthier, but I didn't want to add more than I needed to. So, please enjoy! :D

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Hi! I'm back!

Didn't stay away for as long as I'd planned, so yay, I'm back to writing!

I've got quite a few ideas and I cannot wait to get started again.

Also, a BIG thank you to those who recently commented on "Into the Dark," as I greatly appreciate all the love and affection that the story receives. :)

First and Lastly ...

Hi! I may be going on vacation on Saturday for almost three weeks, which means NO stories, NO drabbles, and NO challenges. D:
I'm kinda disappointed that I won't be able to bring my computer with me, but I will have a notebook, so if I get any ideas, I will write them down.

Also, I'd like to thank all of you for reading, enjoying and commenting on my story "Into the Dark." I'm glad it got so much love!

I've already got a few ideas for some more stories, one or two for some prompts and maybe a few drabble ideas that just popped into my mind.

Hopefully, you'll all still be interested in reading them when I return. (If I even end up going. haha)

- S. :)


 Hi. :3
I write - fanfiction mostly, but I like to think of myself as a potential "Writer."
I'm eighteen and live a simple life.

I'm also boring. :)
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